Knox Prepares for Start of School Year

Knox Community School Corporation logoThe Knox School Corporation is preparing for the start of classes in August.

During Monday’s School Board meeting, a few annual duties were completed such as updating the school handbooks and course descriptions. Approving field trips and textbook rental fees was also considered in preparation for the start of the school year.

Knox Schools Superintendent A.J. Gappa says none of the changes were too major by the administration or the school board.

“There were some minor adjustments in state laws and stuff like that and the policies that normally come,” says Gappa. “So, like I said, those were just the updates.”

Heading into the 2016/17 school year, Knox still has a few vacant positions that need to be filled. Interviews are ongoing and the school corporation hopes to have the positions filled before classes start in August.

The Knox School Corporation recommended a couple of hires during their meeting Monday, with the board approving the hiring of a position at the high school as well as a new 6th grade volleyball coach.

Gappa says that since the approval of a balanced calendar, their preparation process changes just a bit.

“It creeps up on you a little bit,” says Gappa. “But, you know, we’re two weeks away from starting school. But I think everything is still on track still and I think people are moving towards that.”

This year, there are some increases in textbook rental fees for local families. The Knox School Corporation says a minor increase was experienced in some areas due to increased technology costs.