Hamlet Presents 2017 Budget During Public Hearing

budgetHamlet residents got a look Wednesday at the town’s 2017 budget. Clerk-Treasurer Kristina Pitts presented the proposed budget to town council members as well as residents during a public hearing.

Here’s the proposed budget for each of the town’s funds:

  • General: $295,596
  • Local Road and Street: $6,000
  • Motor Vehicle Highway: $51,155
  • Park: $13,355
  • Cumulative Capital Improvement: $4,500
  • Cumulative Capital Development: $8,000
  • Economic Development: $49,000

The $35,696 special distribution the town received from the state is also included in next year’s budget. Budget adoption is scheduled to take place at the next council meeting.

One expense the town may have to consider fitting into its budget is the cost of a new fire engine. During Wednesday’s council meeting, it was reported that the Fire Department’s 1990 truck is reaching the end of its useful life. The price of a replacement will largely depend on whether the town decides to purchase a new or used truck. While Hamlet used to be limited by what size truck its fire station could hold, the construction of a new fire station last year has increased the town’s options.