Pulaski County Alters Early Voting to Meet State Requirements

Pulaski County CourthouseThe Pulaski County Commissioners have agreed to a change in early voting sites following a recommendation by the election board.

New information was gathered at a conference a couple of weeks ago that led to additional research being conducted by the Pulaski County Clerk’s office. Under the requirements, early voting satellite office must be located in the same space as the vote center.

Election Board member Laura Bailey says they had previously selected the Francesville Library as an early voting location

“What we need to do is back out of that since it has not been in service and designate the Francesville Fire Station as a the location because it’s currently a vote center,” says Bailey.

The commissioners approved the move without much discussion. Francesville was identified by the Election Board following May’s Primary Election as needing additional access to voting resources.

The Clerk’s office also felt the need to correct a small a language issue affecting Pulaski County in state statute. Under the current law, early voting must take place at the County Clerk’s office. That, according to Clerk Christi Hoffa, presents a bit of a challenge for the current selection of the Pulaski County Public Library in Winamac.

“Basically just making it an extension for that time period covers us,” says Hoffa. “We’re not required to have in-person absentee voting in the Clerk’s office. It can be done at the library solely and we’ll keep our public happy.”

The Commissioners agreed to temporarily make the early voting site at the library a Clerk’s office annex.

The changes are being made weeks prior to the start of in person absentee voting in the Hoosier State.