4-H Enrollment Underway

 Enrollment is now open for children interested in taking part in 4-H activities.

Purdue Extension 4-H Youth Development Educator Julia Miller says 4-H is the largest youth-serving organization in the country. “In Starke County last year, we had 586 members, and it’s an organization that’s volunteer-led,” she says. “We wouldn’t be able to survive without our volunteers, and we had 109 volunteers from Starke County last year.”

She adds that 4-H helps educate students by allowing them to take part in various projects, “4-H is to help teach life skills, just how to survive day-to-day, leadership skills, citizenship, even setting goals through 4-H.” Miller says that while animal projects remain a staple of 4-H, food projects are also very popular with local participants.

4-H registration is currently underway at in.4honline.com and continues through January 15. Students in grades three through 12 are eligible to join 4-H and take part in several projects during the year. Children in kindergarten through second grade may become members of Exploring 4-H and select one project to complete.

For more information, contact the Starke County Purdue Extension Office at 574-772-9141.