Winamac Considers Recycling Alternatives Following Complaints

winamacThe Winamac Town Council plans to investigate their recycling and refuse options in the coming months.

During Monday’s meeting, council members discussed their current service provider – which is currently under a two year contract. A couple of council members pointed to concerns raised with them about the level of service but also about the way recycling is being managed.

Council member Dan Vanaman says he has not spoken with the town manager about the issue in some time.

“I’d like to see the recycling local. Because then you know it’s not going to the landfill,” says Vanaman.

Town Manager Brad Zellers was absent from Monday’s meeting.

The Town Council is working under the assumption they can end or amend their current contract with proper written notice to the company.

As a solution to the recycling problems being experienced – such as recycled items being picked up at the same time as garbage – Winamac may explore the idea of using the Pulaski County Recycling and Transfer Station.

Whether that will allow the town to continue receiving a reduced rate on its garbage pickup remains to be seen.

Council Member Judy Heater says more information is needed.

“I think it would make perhaps more sense to find out what it would entail to have them continue to do the garbage,” says Heater. “They don’t handle the recycling at all well.”

Winamac is prepared to make the changes at the end of the contract period if necessary.

Until then, the Town Council discussed directing their town administrators to research options in the instance a less expensive alternative becomes available.