Knox Council Approves Revised Specs for New City Streets

The Knox City Council last week adopted revised construction specifications for city streets. Superintendent Jeff Borg says the 8 inches of compacted aggregate will stay the same. The  2 inches of asphalt binder with three inches and to replace the 1 inch Number 11 surface with an inch and a half.

Borg says the new standards represent a long-term investment in the city’s streets, as it will increase the surface life and be more conducive to carrying heavy loads and greater traffic volume.

Borg adds the new standard should not be very costly.

“You’re paying more for setup and everything. A cost per ton, say it’s $70 per ton, a half inch surface, you’re going to get a lot of feet out of a $70 ton on a four-foot-wide road,” he told the city council.

The Knox Plan Commission gave a favorable recommendation to the revised street standards.