Pulaski County Officials Discuss Industrial Park Land Acquisition

Officials in Pulaski County want to pursue a matching grant to help with the acquisition of land for an industrial park on the west side of the county. CDC Executive Director Nathan P. Origer says there’s an informal agreement at this time to purchase land near Medaryville for a rail-served industrial park. He says three potential tenants have also asked about the project. Of those, one is a possible business expansion, and one is considering the establishment of a short-line railroad.

The immediate question is how the county will pay for the land purchase. Origer says there is a 50-50 matching grant available for just the land or for the land and utility infrastructure. He adds there’s plenty of money in the County Economic Development Income Tax, or CEDIT, fund to cover the county’s share of the cost.

Origer says his office is exploring available grant options and is not ready to commit the county to anything. Council President Jay Sullivan agrees the county needs something to attract industry. So does Commissioner Jerry Locke, but he  said he would like to see some commitment from a tenant before taking such a step.

For now the council and commissioners both agreed to let Origer look into matching grant options since doing so carries no obligation for the county.