CASA Director Explains What Makes a Good Child Advocate


The Starke County CASA program is looking for adults with a passion for helping children to be the voice for abused and neglected youngsters who are trying to navigate the court system. Director Rhonda Adcock says volunteers come from all walks of life but share many similar traits, including a passion to love children and dedication to doing the work necessary to ensure their needs are met. Adcock oversees the paperwork and works with each CASA to make sure it is done correctly. She says says prospective volunteers can start by completing an application. Afterward they undergo a rigorous background check.

“They’re working with children. These are our most vulnerable residents in Starke County. We protect them very well. We follow all of the national and state certification rules. We make sure we are always nationally certified and state certified, because the kids in Starke County deserve the best.”

CASA volunteers spend between five and 15 hours per month on their case, depending on where things stand with the court system. Adcock says the program is very volunteer friendly.

“Sometimes something will come up in a person’s life that they have to take a little bit of a break. Well another CASA can step in and help them for a little bit. So we cater to our volunteers because they are passionate, because we know they want to do this. They are all very busy people. The people who do this are already working in the community, being productive members. They are already doing the wonderful things we want them to do. They are just going to start doing some of it for us.”

The start date for the next CASA Volunteer training sessions has been pushed back to early April. Visit call 574-772-7200 or email for more information.