Indiana FAFSA Deadline Extended

Hoosiers planning to attend college this fall have another chance to get financial aid from the state. Students were required to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid by March 10 in order to be eligible for state aid, but a problem with the online data retrieval tool means that deadline’s been pushed back to April 15.

Ancilla College Vice President for Enrollment Eric Wignall says there were serious security issues in the FAFSA system. But instead of letting the states know about the issue, he says the federal government simply turned off the data retrieval tool, which is supposed to import previous tax data.

Ancilla College officials say the extension gives those who had trouble with the tool a chance to go back and enter their 2015 tax data by hand. At the same time, those who simply chose not to fill out the FAFSA or forgot have another chance to apply for state aid.

Ancilla College encourages Hoosiers to seek help from the state, noting that the amount of funding available for low-income students has increased from last year.

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