Per Pupil Tuition Increase Could Prove Costly to Teachers


Public school officials around the state are keeping a close eye on the Indiana General Assembly as state lawmakers continue making tweaks to education funding proposals.

Eastern Pulaski Superintendent Dan Foster told the school board Monday night the proposal currently under consideration does increase funds for public education, but he says there’s a big catch. It does away with performance pay for teachers and instead puts $40 million in the general fund.

Right now the proposal in front of the legislature would raise the per-pupil amount paid to each corporation to $5,895. Foster says that’s the highest it’s been since the 2012-13 school year but notes the raise is done on the backs of teachers.

Foster also told the school board the so-called “calendar bill” which would set a minimum school start date of the fourth Monday in August is dead “for now.” He says it’s possible the proposal will be tacked onto another bill before the session concludes.