Pulaski County Sheriff Warns of Telephone Scam


Pulaski County Sheriff Jeff Richwine encourages residents to hang up on telephone scam artists. His department has received several recent reports of people receiving calls from an apparent local number. The woman on the phone states she is having headset problems after the potential victim answers. She then proceeds to claim the person she is calling has won different types of lavish vacations.

Richwine notes citizens are more likely to answer the calls since they appear to be originating from a local number. He says one recent call was from a number returning to a Pulaski County government office. Scam artists can use apps and online tools to make out-of-area calls appear to be local.

Law enforcement officials recommend residents hang up immediately if they get such a call. They say scammers have reportedly tried to get more information from potential victims and have also been known to record the call recipient’s voice. The recordings are later used to trick automated systems such as those authorizing credit card and utility company charges.

Richwine recommends citizens not answer telephone calls from numbers they don’t recognize. He also cautions against giving out any personal information over the telephone.