Starke County Commissioners Award Bridge Design Bids

The number of structurally deficient bridges in Starke County is dwindling. Highway Superintendent Rik Ritzler told the county commissioners last night five of the seven bridges are scheduled for repair and completion this year.

The commissioners last night awarded design contracts for three bridges to South Bend-based Jones, Petri, Rafinski. They bid a total of $48,868 to design the new bridges on County Road 25 North just west of 600 East over Eagle Creek and on 800 South over Bogus Run just east of 200 West.

Ritzler told the commissioners the firm does efficient designs. He also asked them for a quote to design the replacement bridge on 100 East over Robbins Ditch just north of 400 North. The commissioners accepted their price of $25,000 for the work, contingent on county attorney Marty Lucas double checking the propriety of doing so.

Ritzler says the department is keeping an eye on eight additional bridges that aren’t structurally deficient yet but that will need to be replaced within the next decade or so.