Winamac Council Blesses Proposed Trail Extension


Plans are in the works to extend the recreational trail that stops in downtown Winamac north of State Road 14. Friends of the Panhandle Pathway President John Bawcum told the town council Monday the eventual goal is to have a paved trail for bicycles and pedestrians that runs from Tippecanoe River State Park north of town to France Park in Cass County.

The immediate goal is to pave an additional 7/10ths of a mile of former railroad right-of-way north of State Road 14 in Winamac. A railroad bridge used to span the highway, but there are no plans for such a crossing at this time due to funding constraints.

The Winamac Town Council gave their blessing to the proposal and told Bawcum to work with town manager Brad Zellers on the next steps.

Right now the trail runs from France Park into downtown Winamac and stops at the highway.