Community Foundation of Pulaski County Unveils ‘Love Your Community’ Grant Program


Pulaski County communities have the chance to boost their placemaking efforts this year, thanks to the Community Foundation of Pulaski County.

Executive Director Wendy Rose told the Winamac Town Council Monday the foundation is offering special grants this year, as part of its 20th anniversary. “The opportunity the foundation is offering is for placemaking grants across the county,” she said. “We’re calling them Love Your Community grants. And each town or community may submit one proposal for up to $10,000 for a placemaking project.”

Community Foundation Board President Gregg Malott explained that placemaking is a way to support community planning and development. “The definition of placemaking is re-imaging or reinventing public spaces as the heart of a community,” he said.

Rose said projects completed as part of the Love Your Community program may take a variety of forms. “It could be a physical change that you’re making,” she explained. “It could be a programming type of thing. We’re wanting to connect people. We’re wanting to strengthen the communities and the participation in them.”

Projects may be overseen by either a local government entity or a nonprofit organization. Rose added that the process is designed to encourage collaboration. “This grant cycle is going to be different than our usual annual grants,” she said. “It’s going to replace our fall grant cycle, where typically, we have organizations that are competing for one pot of dollars available. This time, it’s more of a cooperative or collaborative effort among organizations within each community.”

To be eligible, projects must take place in an outdoor space that’s accessible to the public, either downtown or in another significant area of the community. Each town is required to submit their general project idea as well as the name of the lead applicant by May 26. The final proposal and a brief presentation are due June 14. Once the grant is awarded and the money’s received, organizers have a year to complete the project and the results must remain in place for at least another year after that.