Pulaski County Building Department Gets Used Vehicle from Sheriff’s Department

The Pulaski County Building Department now has its own vehicle, thanks to the County Sheriff’s Department.

Building Inspector Doug Hoover told the county commissioners Monday that the council had given him money to purchase a vehicle, but Sheriff Jeff Richwine had a car his department no longer needed. “He has a Dodge Charger that he wanted to retire,” Hoover explained. “And he said he thought we was going to take it out to Olson to auction, and he said he possibly would maybe get $2,000 out of it, whatever it may be. And it don’t look too bad. It would do what I want it to do. It’s a little better than a skateboard. But he’s willing to give it to me.”

The commissioners approved the transfer of the car from the sheriff’s department to the building department. Hoover agreed to work on the proper steps to update the vehicle’s insurance and license plate to reflect the transfer.