Pulaski County Commissioners Accused of Violating Open Door Law by Former Member

Pulaski County Commissioners: Bud Krohn Jr., Jerry Locke, Kenny Becker

The Pulaski County Commissioners are being urged to review Indiana’s Open Door Law, following a formal complaint from a former commissioner. Terry Young says the county hasn’t posted proper meeting notices since he’s been off the board.

According to Open Door Law, public notice of the date, time, and place of meetings and executive sessions must be posted at least 48 before the meeting, excluding weekends and holidays. In a complaint filed back in February with the Indiana Public Access Counselor, Young accused the current commissioners of failing to post notice of meetings and executive sessions on at least five separate occasions. Young’s complaint also says the commissioners often discuss items before meetings are called to order and after they’re adjourned.

However, Young offered little evidence to support his claims, according to an advisory opinion issued by Public Access Counselor Luke Britt. Still, Britt believes the Pulaski County Commissioners have violated the Open Door Law, saying they appear to have a “casual interpretation” of its requirements for meetings. He recommended that the commissioners re-familiarize themselves with the law.

Two of the three Pulaski County Commissioners, as well as the county auditor, were new to their positions in January.