Pulaski County Expects Significant Water Savings, Following Jail Plumbing Upgrades

Pulaski County should see some significant savings in its water bill this year, thanks to recent plumbing upgrades at the jail.

Maintenance Supervisor Jeff Johnston told the county commissioners Monday the jail is on course to save hundreds of thousands of gallons of water each year. “By the end of this year, we’re probably going to be looking at almost a million [gallons], I would imagine,” he said. “We ought to see a difference in our utility bill, but that’s just an estimate.”

Meanwhile, some accessibility improvements at the courthouse are moving ahead. “The bathrooms in the basement, three of the four are completed,” Johnston told the commissioners. “One of them, we’re having some drainage issues with. That’s why DeSabatine’s is here this morning. But hopefully, we get that figured out real quick. So once that’s done, we’ll be complete.” The four unisex bathrooms replace the men’s and women’s restrooms that were previously located in the courthouse basement.

Johnston also planned to meet with representatives from Keystone Architecture to begin discussing the location and design of a new elevator. The old elevator and restrooms were considered too small to accommodate people using wheelchairs.