Winamac Plans Downtown Parking Reconfiguration to Maximize Sidewalk, Outdoor Dining Space

The Town of Winamac is looking to make better use of space in the downtown area. Town Manager Brad Zellers is considering ways to allow restaurants like One Eyed Jacks and Tippy’s to continue to offer outdoor dining, while making sure the sidewalks are accessible to people with disabilities.

He told the town council Monday that One Eyed Jacks’ outdoor dining area currently leaves the sidewalk a foot narrower than ADA regulations allow. To ensure there’s enough room, he suggested bumping out the curb. “If we would take three parking spots out, if we would curb this out and then come back up here before the ADA intersection, there would be room for a bicycle rack and there would be some spots for motorcycle and/or golf carts,” he said. “That fixes that; that kind of shows we’re helping downtown businesses with their endeavors.”

Zellers said a similar reconfiguration could be made in front of Tippy’s. “There’s two spots that we would lose, only two parking spots, angled spots, if we would take this curb, take it out a little further, and come back in just past Tippy’s,” he said. “That will give them plenty of room here.”

He pointed out that there would still be designated handicapped parking after the work is finished. Council members agreed to allow Zellers to proceed with the project, working with the business and property owners. “We’re making downtown more usable,” Zellers explained, “and it shows downtown that we’re here to help a little bit.”

He also reported that Winamac’s Main Street organization is purchasing flower pots for the downtown area.