North Judson Recycling Drop-Off Site to Be Removed, Curbside Recycling Discussions Continue


Whether or not North Judson gets curbside recycling pickup, the recycling drop-off site currently offered by the Starke County Environmental Management District will be removed by July 1. That’s what town council member Jane Ellen Felchuk told the rest of the council Monday. Town officials say it’s been difficult to keep the site clean, and they want the bins taken away as soon as possible.

As an alternative, North Judson may hire Republic Services, the company that handles the town’s garbage, to pick up recycling as well. The cost to residents would be $36 a year.

But the $20 a year in tax money that currently goes to the Starke County Environmental Management District would not decrease, since the organization still provides other services. That drew a few complaints from residents during Monday’s meeting.

Council member John Rowe said up until now, he hadn’t heard from anyone who opposed curbside recycling, and he welcomes any input. “Every single community has curbside,” he pointed out. “Bass Lake is going to have it this summer. Knox has it. Everybody has it. So we’re behind, as it is.”

Concerns were also expressed about the fact that Republic Services now collects trash from the streets, rather than the alleys, creating some challenges when cars are parked there. Clerk-Treasurer Alicia Collins explained that it’s Republic’s policy not to go through alleys, and the town has no control over the matter.

The town council is expected to make a decision on curbside recycling at an upcoming meeting.