Oregon-Davis Tries Alternative School Suspension Program


The Oregon-Davis School Corporation is changing the way it handles student suspensions.

Superintendent Don Harman says the corporation is trying a new suspension program during the final weeks of the school year. “We began a program that is called PASS, and PASS stands for ‘positive alternative to school suspension,'” he explains. “Many people would understand that this is in-school suspension, but we’re not calling it in-school suspension. We’re calling it PASS, again, which stands for ‘positive alternative to school suspension.’ We want to keep kids in school, and we want to have kids in-classroom, so we’ve started this program here. That will be added to our handbooks.”

Other than that, Harman says no major changes are planned for the 2017-2018 student handbooks. They were presented for first reading during Monday’s school board meeting, with final approval expected next month.

The board’s June meeting will take place on June 12, a week earlier than its usual schedule.