SADD Students Stage Successful Mock Crash

Officials with the Eastern Pulaski School Corporation hope a recently staged mock crash will prevent a real-life tragedy from occurring.

The Students Against Destructive Decisions group enlisted the help of the Winamac Fire and Police Departments, Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department, EMS, REACT and Coroner, Indiana State Police and Samaritan Helicopter. Their goal was to underscore the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and driving while distracted.

SADD members played the parts of crash victims and drivers. The Winamac Community High School Drama Department provided makeup assistance to create a more realistic scene.

The mock crash was staged prior to prom, but SADD members told the school board last week the safety message also resonates with graduation coming up.

SADD Advisor Laura Fred-Smith told the school board the goal is to stage a large-scale event like the recent mock crash every four or five years so each group of students can experience it once during their high school career. SADD also does other awareness events throughout the year, including demonstrations at high school sporting events.

Visit to view the video of the mock crash.