Hamlet to Explore Purchase of New Police Vehicle

The Hamlet Police Department will soon be looking for a new vehicle.Town Council President Dave Kesvormas reported Wednesday that the department’s Ford Taurus is currently out of service. While the necessary repairs will be made, he said it may be time to start thinking about a replacement. “The car’s five years old,” he said. “Maybe we should start thinking about, while the car’s worth some money, trading it in and get one that still under warranty because the car really hasn’t cost us maintenance-wise already.”

Town Marshal Clint Norem has expressed interest in replacing the Taurus with a second Ford Explorer. Kesvormas said it shouldn’t cost too much more, and much of the equipment from the Taurus can be moved. Hamlet officials believe it will be relatively easy to budget a new vehicle, since the town’s current ones are nearly paid off.

Council members authorized Norem to start getting information and quotes for a new vehicle, once repairs to the Taurus are done. They also voted Wednesday to allow Street Superintendent Fred Rowe to purchase a leaf picker for a cost of $2,000, if it meets his needs.