Hamlet to Install Water Meters at Fairgrounds


The Town of Hamlet continues looking for ways it can keep better track of its water. The fire department has begun estimating its water usage in recent months. Now, the town’s planning to install water meters in the buildings at the Starke County Fairgrounds.

Town Council President Dave Kesvormas recommended the change Wednesday, since the town has some extra water meters in storage. “We’re not charging them or [doing things] any different than how we’ve always been doing it,” he explained. “We just gotta show where it’s going, at least at the food court, the two bathrooms, the Lions Club.” Council members say the water meter at the Lions Club can be installed on a permanent basis, while other buildings may just be metered during the fair.

Hamlet’s water department has been under increased scrutiny from the state to show where its water is going. As part of that effort, the town’s also trying to upgrade its residential meters.

Water and Wastewater Operator Henry Ruiz estimates there are currently 40 to 50 water meters that aren’t working. But many residents have apparently ignored the town’s requests to go in and replace them. Town officials are considering charging some sort of penalty to residents who don’t have a working water meter.

Hamlet plans to upgrade to a wireless meter-reading system over coming years.