Knox City Council Waits to Hear Back About Submitted Grant Proposals

Knox Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston presented the Knox City Council with updates about various grants during their meeting Tuesday evening. Houston has gone through the proper channels to apply for a grant that hasn’t been utilized by the city in a few years.

The Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation Grant was used in the past and the city is interested in utilizing those grant funds once again. Houston told the board that he contacted Area 5, the Agency of Aging and Community Services and expressed interest in applying for the next Owner-Occupied Rehab Housing Grant. Approximately 10 homes will be rehabilitated and Houston said paper work for that will start at the end of January or beginning of February and the grant will be awarded some time in the spring.

Houston also alerted the board that the award announcements for the Community Crossings grant has been delayed due to an abundance of project proposals. More than 2,000 projects were submitted this year and Houston said that could affect the amount of projects that receive funding. He told the board, “Last time, nearly every project that was turned in was awarded. This time they have to be more selective because that much funding is not available. So we may not get all the projects we’re working on.”

The Community Crossings Grant Award announcement was delayed until the end of September or early October. Houston said there will more than likely be statement released by the state when the information becomes available.