Winamac Parkway Landscaping Plans Reviewed by Park Board

The Winamac Parkway is a step closer to getting a landscaping upgrade. Last week, ProscapeS Unlimited presented a preliminary landscaping plan to the Winamac Park Board.

The plan will guide the placement of trees, flowers, and other plants along the trail. But so far, the plan is still flexible when it comes to things like how many benches or lights should be installed or what type of trees to plant.

Dave Bennett is a member of the park board’s advisory council and owns property along the Winamac Parkway. He volunteered to work with ProscapeS to start upgrading the northern portion of the trail. “We’re offering to maintain that section from Pearl Street to 14 and help design it – not mow it, but to maintain the landscaping and do the labor to install it,” he explained. “We’re probably going to need some help with the cost of the trees. If we can find some trees wholesale in the fall of the year that fit the plan, we can go ahead and purchase those. Any big items, we may come back to you, to see if there’s any money available in the Tree Committee or wherever.”

Bennett’s immediate concern was the seven locust trees located along the trail north of Madison Street. The roots are apparently causing cracks to form in the trail’s pavement.

Board members agreed to let Bennett and ProscapeS proceed with the removal of the trees and begin landscaping the trail north of Pearl Street, according to their plan.