McClure Takes Seat on Pulaski County Board of Commissioners

Commissioner Mike McClure is sworn in by Superior Court Judge Crystal Brucker Kocher

Pulaski County’s new District 3 commissioner was officially sworn in Tuesday. Mike McClure took the oath of office during the commissioners’ regular meeting.

Board President Kenny Becker began the meeting by introducing McClure to his new constituents. “Okay, our first order of business is tonight to welcome our new commissioner. For you people that don’t know him, this is Mike McClure. Mike, this is your general public. I think you probably know most of them, but you just don’t know what you’re in for now,” Becker joked.

Tuesday’s meeting marked the first time since February that the board of commissioners had all three of its members in attendance. McClure replaces Bud Krohn Jr., who resigned last month due to health reasons, following a lengthy absence.

During Tuesday’s meeting, McClure also agreed to serve on the county’s Public Defender Committee.