Survey to be Conducted at Veterans Memorial Park Following Winamac Park Board Decision Last Week

During the Winamac Park Board meeting last week, the board reviewed a questionnaire that was provided to the public about potential renovations to Veteran’s Memorial Park. Approximately 50 responses were received and though the majority of the public voted to do nothing and leave it as is, the next most popular response was to add a bench, a sign and a potential an artillery piece.

Park Board President Courtney Poor told the board that even though the ‘do nothing option’, when you combined the other three options, there was an obvious public desire for there to be some kind of change implemented.

President Poor said, “So there’s two ways to look at it, the majority of the people didn’t want anything done. Unless you want to look at it, actually the majority of people wanted something done because you had A, B & C combined, all of them were doing something and then D was do nothing. So D got the most votes but then there wasn’t that much of a disparity between A & D, as I recall”

Board members discussed the possibility of extending the green space in the park to avoid over crowding or discontinuity with potential future additions. The board members voted unanimously to have a survey conducted in order to see where exactly the property lines are at before any changes are made. Board member Jon Chapman said he expected that survey would only cost a couple hundred dollars to carry out.