Oregon-Davis School Corporation Introduces New Health Service This School Year

The Oregon-Davis School Corporation recently received a grant from the Indiana Rural Health Association that allowed them to implement a special health service when school began this year. At the new telehealth clinic, an on-site medical assistant utilizes telecommunication technology that allows a student to be seen by a health care provider without leaving school grounds.

Although the clinic is located in a private room at the elementary school, it is available to all Oregon-Davis students from 7 a.m. until 2 p.m. on school days. Between August 10th and September 26th, the telehealth clinic had 12 students come in for assistance.

The way the clinic works is a student will come in with a concern and the on-site medical assistant utilizes special equipment to allow a licensed health care provider to see a live feed of what is being examined.

The insurance of the student’s parent or guardian will be billed for the services provided at the clinic. However, they are not insured, services are provided a sliding-scale based on the household income.

Before a student can receive services in the telehealth clinic, a consent form must be signed by their parent or guardian. Those forms can be picked up at each school. Direct any questions about the telehealth clinic to the school corporation by calling 574-867-2111.