Town of Culver Awarded All Requested Community Crossings Funding

Culver Town Manger Jonathan Leist informed the board last week that the town is one of the few communities in the area who received all the Community Crossings grant funds they requested this year. He said the $206,000 received will go a long way to assist with projects they have in the works.

Leist mentioned that work on College Avenue, parts of Jefferson Street and the entrance at the Sand Hill Farm are the three priority projects. He told council members that in their grant proposal they utilized estimates that came from E&B paving. However, since those numbers were calculated several months ago, Utility Superintendent Bob Porter is looking into quotes. Leist said he is expected to present those quotes at the next town council meeting.

Town Attorney Jim Clevenger said with surrounding communities receiving their funding at the same time so late in the year, getting the projects finished before the end of 2017 may be difficult. The town manager went on to say that although it may be tough to schedule all the projects, they’re going to try and complete them this fall.

Council President Ginny Bess Munroe asked if the grant funding would carry over if they weren’t able to complete the projects in the next few months. He assured her that they have a year from when the money is awarded to complete their proposed projects. He added that an extension could probably be arranged if they needed any additional time down the line.