Eastern Pulaski School Board Gets Update on Facility Upgrades, Discusses Traffic Flow


The Eastern Pulaski School Corporation continues to see progress on a few facility upgrades. Superintendent Dan Foster told the school board last week that the new elementary gym floor is finally done, after some earlier delays. “It’s kind of a matte-y finish right now, but they say after we’ve cleaned it five, six times, it’s supposed to start shining up a little bit more,” he said. “It just looks a little awkward right now.”

Foster added that Fissel Electric has completed the first round of lighting upgrades, with more work to be considered in the future. But he said another contractor is still running behind. “Miller’s is not quite done with the flooring items, which is unbelievable and disappointing. We’re still holding $70,000 of their pay. We haven’t done a punch list with them. It’s disappointing.”

Following last week’s regular meeting, board members held a work session to continue discussing some future projects. One big item that remains to be done is the repaving of Eastern Pulaski’s parking lots. Board members decided to hold off on the asphalt work until 2018, after only one bid was received this past spring.

Foster hopes to put it back out for bid in December or January. Before that happens, he said a committee has been considering traffic flow around Eastern Pulaski’s campus. “The drop-off in the morning seems to be the biggest issue we have, as far as traffic flow and safety,” Foster said. “So there’s been discussions about, in the back parking areas, where the elementary folks park and then where the high school students and some of the staff park, over in the student lot, is that front row in each of those lots would not be a parking area. It would be drive-throughs and drop-off.”

On top of that, transportation experts with the Indiana Department of Education were also asked to offer suggestions. Foster said they recommended closing the south driveway – the one between the football field and band and choir area – to passenger vehicles, and making it bus-only. He said that arrangement was tested during a recent sectional football game, and he plans to try it again next football season.