O-D School Board to Hold Another Fiscal Planning Work Session/Community Input Meeting Tonight

As the Oregon-Davis School Board considers the possibility of a property tax referendum, local residents have another chance to give input. The school board is holding a work session tonight, on the corporation’s fiscal strategic planning effort.

Superintendent Dr. Don Harman says the meeting will be similar to one held a couple weeks ago. “I’m going to be presenting the same information, as well as some additional information,” he explains. “And again, we just want feedback from our patrons.”

The school board has been looking into the possibility of a referendum next year, to replace a tax increase that’s set to expire in 2019. That money helps support the corporation’s General Fund, which is where teacher salaries are paid from.

For those who can’t make it to tonight’s meeting, Harman says he’s willing to meet individually with any concerned resident. “I will work them in my schedule, and my door’s open,”he says. “I will sit down with any patron to talk to them about where we’re at financially and some of the discussions we’re having.”

Tonight’s Oregon-Davis School Board work session and community input meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. in the Junior/Senior High School Cafeteria.