Winamac Park Board to Discuss Pool Funds, Veteran’s Memorial Park Improvements

Rendering of rebuilt Winamac pool.

What to do with $135,000 raised for Winamac’s swimming pool rebuilding project is expected to be discussed during tonight’s Winamac Park Board meeting. That money was raised through private donations and fundraisers, and placed in a fund at the Community Foundation of Pulaski County. But now that the town has pulled its official support of the project, the park board has to decide what its next steps will be.

Park board members are scheduled to give an update on the project to the community foundation’s board of directors on November 21. What the park board plans to tell them is expected to be a topic of discussion during tonight’s meeting.

Community Foundation Executive Director Wendy Rose has said any money in the pool fund will remain there until 2020. If a pool still isn’t able to be built, the money could be used for other projects that aim to meet the health and recreation needs of the community’s children.

It’s been suggested that the park board start coming up with some alternative projects to bring to the community foundation for consideration. But the Winamac Pool Committee says it isn’t giving up on the pool and isn’t ready to begin discussing other uses for the money, yet.

In other business tonight, the Winamac Park Board will continue discussing potential upgrades to Veteran’s Memorial Park. Board members are considering adding benches, a sign, and other potential amenities. But concerns about cluttering the park led them to have the site surveyed, to see if they have room to expand the green space.

On top of that, a resolution to abolish the park board’s advisory council will be presented for first reading tonight. Advisory council members have suggested they could accomplish more by restructuring as a “Friends of the Parks” group.

Tonight’s Winamac Park Board meeting starts at 6:00 p.m. EDT at the Winamac Municipal Utility Complex.