Culver Community School Students Receive Career Pathway Presentations

Last week, while Culver Community Schools were conducting NWEA testing, they concurrently held career pathway presentations for some junior and senior high school students.

Superintendent Karen Shuman shared that one of the speakers was school board member Bill Sonnemaker. He came and spoke to students about working as an engineer for 40 years. He told them how he worked in the aero-space industry and provided some details about particular projects he tackled within that field.

Superintendent Shuman said that several people provided some insight about their lives and careers. The speakers included educators, business owners and individuals who overcame personal obstacles in order to succeed.

According to Shuman, one speaker explained that she had a child early on, went into cosmetology and eventually went into sales. The speaker told students that with hard work and determination, she is now in the process of starting her own business.

Shuman explained that another speaker stressed the importance of paying attention to what you like to do in your off time. As someone who liked to draw, the speaker went on to become a graphic artist.

The final speaker Shuman talked a bit about was a man who struggled in school and later realized he was dyslexic. He shared that overcame his learning disorder and went on to hold down jobs in multiple industries.

The superintendent explained that holding these presentations last week was a good way to do their NWEA testing, while simultaneously providing the older students with a multitude of career options to consider.