Pulaski County Commissioners Choose Contractor for 700 North Bridge Work

The Pulaski County Commissioners are moving ahead with the replacement of a bridge on County Road 700 North over Bogus Run. On Monday, the commissioners chose JCI Bridge Group of LaPorte to do the work for a cost of just under $480,000.

That was over $5,000 below the engineer’s estimate, according to Jeff Larrison with United Consulting. “Our guys took a look at all four bids, just to make sure that they all met the specifications for the design,” he explained. “JCI, the low bid, did meet all the criteria. So that bid is acceptable to our firm, and we’ll be managing the construction of the project, as well.”

He said United Consulting will continue working with both the county and the contractor. “We’ll contact JCI, and we’ll set up a pre-construction meeting, probably mid-January, get the ball rolling,” he said. “There might be a utility or two that might need to be relocated before we can start work, but we’ll get all that rolling, and then once any utilities are out of the way, then we can take the old bridge out and put the new one back in. It should be ready to go by the time farmers are ready to plant.”

He noted that JCI has done work in Pulaski County in the past.