Starke County Park Board to Get Updates on Bass Lake Beach, Koontz Lake Lions Club Park

The Starke County Park Board is expected to continue discussing several ongoing issues when it meets tonight. One of those is the proposed county ownership of Koontz Lake Lions Club Memorial Park. Lions Club members say they plan to continue maintaining the park as long as they can, but transferring ownership to Starke County would save them the cost of insurance.

Updates on various issues at the Bass Lake Beach and Campground are also expected tonight. Operator Callahan Development, LLC agreed earlier this fall to repair the seawall surrounding the beach house patio. But Callahan is asking the county to help install glacial stone around the facility. That was recommended by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources as a way to protect the seawall from incoming waves and help prevent sand erosion.

Callahan plans to continue leasing the property from Starke County through April of 2028. However, the company has expressed interest in returning control of the beach itself back to the county, while it would continue to operate the more profitable campground and pier slots. Park Board President Debbie Mix has suggested forming a work group to help set some future goals for the beach and campground.

The Starke County Park Board is also expected to discuss an insurance claim at the Bass Lake Beach. Members will also get an update on the Starke County Forest.

Tonight’s Starke County Park Board meeting starts at 6:00 p.m. in Starke County Annex Building No. 1.