Knox City Council Holds Final Reading over Ordinance Eliminating Obstructions

The Knox City Council members held the final reading over the amended ordinance to eliminate obstructions on sidewalks, city streets and railroad right-of-ways when they met Tuesday night.

The ordinance up for approval last night states that individuals can face fines for obstructing sidewalks, streets or railroad right-of-ways with any structures or vehicles. It also includes a section that requires unobstructed passage of vehicles and clear view of any stopped vehicles.

According to that section, a person who stops, parks or leaves a vehicle has to leave a sufficient unobstructed width of the roadway opposite the vehicle free for the passage of oncoming traffic and a clear view of the stopped vehicle from a distance of 200 feet in each direction upon the highway.

Additionally, the ordinance mentions that a person may not stop, park or leave standing an attended or unattended oversized vehicle with its engine running at any location within the city for any continuous period of time longer than one hour, unless it is in a designated truck parking area. Anyone who violates that section shall be subject to a fine of $100 for each day a violation occurs.

The ordinance received unanimous council approval from all members in attendance. Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston said since penalties and fines are included, he needs to publically advertise the ordinance. There will be a 30 day period before it goes into effect.

A few sections are briefly summarized above but to view the full ordinance, click the following link: City of Knox Ordinance to Eliminate Obstructions.