Knox City Council Members Elect New President Pro Temp and Address Additional Appointments

Knox City Council members re-organized and addressed appointments when they met for the first time this year.

On Tuesday night, Councilwoman Bertha Blue nominated Ron Parker for the position of President Pro Temp and former council president. Parker’s nomination was unanimously approved. A “president pro tempore” serves as the representative for the council members and they would run the meeting if the mayor is ever absent.

Councilman Jeff Berg was nominated to serve on the Starke County Economic Development Foundation Board. He mentioned that he’s been interested in serving on that board for about 2 decades and contently accepted the nomination and appointment.

Berg was also reappointed to the Kankakee-Iroquois Regional Planning Commission and the Redevelopment Commission. Jerry Gerrado was also reappointed to the Redevelopment Commission.

Council members Ron Parker, Don Kring and Bertha Blue were appointed to the Plan Commission.

Mayor Dennis Estok stated that all mayoral appointments would remain the same as last year, with Leslie Baker serving as City Attorney, Jeff Borg as Street Superintendent, Todd Gardner as Water Superintendent and Kelly Clemmons as Wastewater Superintendent. Harold Smith will remain Police Chief and Kenny Pfost will still serve as Fire Chief.

Board of Works appointments included Jim Collins and Steve Dodge while Bill Gustafson was appointed to the Starke County Beverage Board. Marcia Hayes, Mike Estok and Marsha Boggs were appointed to the Knox Redevelopment Commission.

Mayor Estok also nominated Kenny Pfost to be Planning Administrator and George Byer to be Park Superintendent. He said the respective boards will need to act on those nominations before the individuals can be appointed.