Knox Mayor Reports that Community Center Renovations Should be Wrapping Up Soon

When the Knox City Council convened on Tuesday, Mayor Dennis Estok alerted members that the community center renovation project is nearing completion.With the roof portion finished and the new HVAC system installed there’s one remaining renovation to that will be addressed in the near future.

Estok told members that next week, contractors will start working on the floors. He added,  “So hopefully, we can get that project wrapped up.” In a past meeting, it was stated that the proposed floor work is estimated to cost around $42,425. Mayor Estok said he was happy with the cost and initially thought it would be higher since the main room, the foyer, the great room and the kitchen will all be receiving new flooring. He said all the floors will be worked on, with the exception of the bathrooms which were described as “still being in pretty good shape.”

The mayor mentioned that once all the renovations are complete and paid for, they’re looking into the possibility of using any remaining funds to purchase some lighter-weight tables and chairs. According to the mayor, the figures currently look promising enough to furnish the renovated community center.