More Starke County Officials File to Run for Reelection

Candidate filings continue in Starke County. In the past week, Prosecutor Nick Bourff, District 3 County Council Member Dave Pearman, and Jackson Township Trustee Robert Schmidt have all filed to run for reelection.

Starke County has several contested races so far, including Sheriff, Clerk, Auditor, District 2 County Commissioner, and District 2 Council member. Three candidates are also running for Railroad Township Trustee.

The deadline for candidates to file for the May primary is February 9.


Starke County Candidate Filings As of January 26:

Assessor: Michelle Snowdon (D)

Auditor: Kasey Bula Clark (D), Rachel Milner Oesterreich (D)

Clerk: Katherine (Kay) Dolezal Chaffins (D), Vicki Cooley (D)

Coroner: Dannie Ray Hoffer Jr. (D)

Prosecutor: Nicholas Allen Bourff (D)

Recorder: Rebekah Sponaugle Wagner (D)

Sheriff: Thomas Decola (R), Bill Dulin (D)

Commissioner District 2: Don Binkley (D), Bryan Harold Cavender (R)

County Council District 1: Bradley J. Hazelton (D)

County Council District 2: Howard A. Bailey Jr. (R), Dale Conley (D)

County Council District 3: David Pearman (R)

County Council District 4: Karen Tibbs (D)

California Township Board Member: Richard Anderson (R)

Center Township Trustee: Julie Manns (D)

Center Township Board Member: Ben Warren (D)

Jackson Township Trustee: Robert Schmidt (D)

North Bend Township Trustee: Rutherford Byron Walters (R)

Oregon Township Trustee: Mark Allen (D)

Oregon Township Board Member: Joseph I Reed Jr. (R)

Railroad Township Trustee: Roger Chaffins Sr. (D), John Harris (R), Mandy Thomason (R)

Railroad Township Board Member: Bart D. Egolf (R), Joe Krzyzanowski (D)

Washington Township Trustee: Cathy Ewing Benko (D)

Washington Township Board Member: Kimberly Temple (R)

Wayne Township Board Member: Joe Griffo (D)

California 2 Democrat Precinct Committeeman: Shirley Fields

Center 1 Democrat Precinct Committeeman and State Convention Delegate: Jeffery J. Houston

Center 1 Democrat Precinct Committeeman: Rick Chambers

Center 3 Democrat Precinct Committeeman and State Convention Delegate: Jeff V. Berg

Center 5 Democrat Precinct Committeeman and State Convention Delegate: Kenneth Wallace

Railroad Township Democrat Precinct Committeeman: August (Gus) Eckert II