Start off 2018 by Strengthening Employee Skills with this Ancilla College Training Program

Last year, the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation, the Indiana Department of Workforce Development and Ancilla College worked in conjunction with local businesses to launch the Ancilla College Management and Leadership Training program.The program has continued into this year to continue developing the skills of our community’s team leaders.

After conducting interviews with local employers and finding that many of them were seeking more opportunities for management training, the program was created as a way to strengthen the existing workforce.The two-tier system focuses on getting first-time managers off to a successful start in the first tier and aims to refine the skills of mid-level managers in the second tier.

Bremen Castings, Inc was the first local business to participate in the training program after it was launched back in August. Jack Jordan, a board member for both Ancilla and Bremen Castings reported feeling confident the training was helping to equip and inspire participants to become competent, performance improving managers and leaders.

Employers can arrange for sessions to take place at Ancilla or on-site for the convenience of participating employees. For more information visit or contact the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation at 574-935-8499.