Emergency Management Officials Coordinate Response Efforts For Residents Affected by the Floods

As the flood waters start receding, emergency management officials are beginning to plan out ways to assist those most severely impacted by the recent floods.

The Salvation Army recently delivered a few clean-up kits to emergency management officials in both Starke and Pulaski County. Starke County EMA Director J. Nier and Pulaski County EMA Director Sheri Gaillard said they will be handing those out to the citizens who need them in the near future.

They also said they’ll be conducting more thorough damage assessments once the water recedes more. However, residents are still reminded to fill out damage assessment reports through the Indiana Department of Homeland Security to assist with relief efforts. Only uninsured property damage should be reported.Director Gaillard said none have been received so far from Pulaski County residents.

EMA Director Gaillard added that since she initially didn’t receive any requests for an emergency shelter, one was not established in Pulaski County. However, when a couple calls came in about a few individuals being displaced, she said she directed them to the Red Cross shelters in Knox and Plymouth.

The Plymouth site has since been closed but Red Cross Knox Volunteer April Cooke reports that the emergency shelter at Knox Middle School remains open. She said there will be a notice given at least 24-hours prior to shutting down.

Lead Disaster Action Team Member Sherry Fagner was in Red Cross Headquarters in South Bend yesterday, working with the Mass Care Feeding League. She said that Emergency Response Vehicles will be out in multiple counties, including Starke and Pulaski, handing out food and additional clean-up kits later this week.

She added that if individuals feel there are certain things that are currently being overlooked, contact the Red Cross and they will coordinate with local officials in order to see that those needs are met. The number to call is 1 888 684 1441.

Additionally, individuals can always call their local Emergency Management Agency for more information about how to receive assistance within the county.

Pulaski County EMA: 574-946-6391

Starke County EMA: 574- 772-9182