Public Hearing Over OCRA Grant Application Held During NJ Town Council Meeting

A public hearing over a proposed grant application was held during the North Judson Town Council meeting earlier this week.

On Monday, KIRPC Executive Director Edwin Buswell explained that the grant application requesting a $550,000 wastewater/drinking water grant is due to the Office of Community and Rural Affairs on Friday. Buswell said the local match is for $1,268,000 which will come in the form of an SRF Loan.

Vince Sommers from Commonwealth Engineers shared some project details explaining that they broke it down into phases, first addressing matters which are critical to the town. He said work will need to be done to the wells and mentioned a few other necessary projects that have been brought up in past meetings.

Sommers listed the other critical items, “Standby power at the water treatment plant, altitude valves so you’ll be able to fill both tanks to the top and then we’re looking at considerable rehabilitation for both water tanks.”

No public comments were provided during the hearing. Once it was adjourned, members voted to pass a resolution which authorized the grant application to be submitted to OCRA and confirmed that the town will pay the match if the grant is awarded.

Buswell said the award announcement will likely be in late March or early April.