Pulaski County Road 700 North Bridge Replacement to Start Next Month

Final preparations are underway for the replacement of the bridge on Pulaski County Road 700 North over Bogus Run. Jeff Larrison with United Consulting gave an update to the county commissioners Monday. “We’ve conducted the pre-construction meeting with JCI, the contractor that was selected, and we basically have the plan in place now for how to address the project timing-wise,” he explained. “Construction is expected to start March 1, weather-permitting.”

Larrison said the proposed timeline allows the road to be closed for up to four months, but it should only take around three months, as long as the weather cooperates. He said JCI will be working with school officials to adjust bus routes, and the Pulaski County Highway Department will be setting up a detour around the closed bridge.

Highway Superintendent Terry Ruff said the impact should be relatively minor. “The detour isn’t that big an issue,” he said. “We can kind of go around that south way there, or they can go around the north way through the Starke County line, if they have to. It’s not that big a deal.”

The county commissioners are expected to finalize a contract with JCI next Monday, to get all the paperwork ready before the official start date.