Starke County Surveyor Warns Residents to Be Aware of Scams

Starke County Surveyor Bill Crase is warning residents to be aware of potential scammers looking to take advantage of people during flood recovery.

Last Friday, the surveyor’s office received a call from an individual reporting that two men in a U-Haul truck drove up to his residence and told him they were from the county surveyor’s office.

They reportedly said they were replacing a culvert nearby and told the resident he needed to write them a check since it was on his property.

Tip: Starke County Surveyor Bill Crase’s vehicle has a decal with the department’s name

Fortunately, the individual called the surveyor’s office and was alerted that surveyor crews will never come and demand money from you for any reason.

If you ever come across a suspicious situation such as this, feel free to contact the Starke County Surveyor’s Office with any questions at 574-772-9135 or report the incident to local authorities.