Strong Winds Help Keep Another Surge From Hitting Starke County

According to Starke County EMA Director J. Nier another anticipated river surge will no longer impact the area.

Director Nier said that the strong winds we experienced last night into today helped push back the river and prevented another major surge from hitting.

She said that while some individuals who experienced less damage may be able to return to their homes, those who still have high waters in their yards or houses are encouraged to remain at the temporary Red Cross Relief sites. She noted that the Knox Middle School relief site will stay open until further notice.

Additionally, residents should continue to keep track of damage and associated costs. People need to be taking pictures and saving receipts to account for any labor, equipment or other expenses related to flood damage and response efforts.

Remember, in order to help state and county officials assess the severity of damage, individuals can submit a damage report through the Indiana Department of Homeland Security site. Once this data is collected, it can be utilized to apply for potential state and federal funding to assist with flood response.