Updated Crisis Plan Presented to Oregon-Davis School School Board

School security continues to be addressed by local school officials, following last week’s school shooting in Florida. Oregon-Davis Superintendent Dr. Don Harman says the school corporation has been working on updating its crisis plan. “We’re looking at all different types of scenarios with crisis, whether that be a fire drill or tornado drill, or obviously intruder drill,” he explains. “But we’re also looking at death of a family member, death of a staff member, suicide.”

But Harman says the topic of intruders got most of the attention, when the updated crisis plan was presented to the school board Monday, “Obviously what happened last week in Florida, and obviously getting our staff trained and professional development and trying to do the best we can to prepare them. If an event would occur, we would be prepared to the best that we possibly could.”

Harman says the updated crisis plan was discussed by the two school principals and School Resource Officer John Kohles.