Winamac Town Council Approves Firefighter Recommendations

The Winamac Volunteer Fire Department is now two members stronger after town council members approved recommendations submitted by Fire Chief Bill Weaver at their meeting Monday night.

Weaver explained that officials with the Fire Department have recently been interviewing prospective applicants. He said the two individuals they found who seemed like they’d be a good fit were Brittany Rotering and Blake Sowder.

He explained that Rotering has already been through mandatory firefighter’s training and has HAZMAT awareness and operation certification. Weaver said they’ll just need to fill her in on Winamac’s procedures and show her how to operate their trucks.He also added that finding someone who is already fully certified is a real plus for the department.

Weaver said that Sowder initially showed interest last year but he wasn’t old enough to be on the department yet. When he reached the required age, he expressed interest again. The chief described him as ambitious young man and told members that he will still need to go through training.

Weaver mentioned that there is the possibility of a training course being held in April by the Francesville Fire Department. He said if they’re able to, they’d like to have Sowder attend that course so he can complete his training and be ready to go soon.

Chief Weaver said that with these firefighters approved, that brings the team up to 17 members. He added that both new fire-fighters were alerted that they will be on a probationary period for one year.