Residents Want Speed Limit on Pulaski County Road 1550 West to Stay at 30 Miles Per Hour

A temporary speed limit on Pulaski County Road 1550 West near Medaryville could become permanent. The County Highway Department has lowered the speed limit to 30 miles per hour between 150 North and 300 North, while nearby U.S. 421 is closed for a bridge replacement.

A group of local residents asked the county commissioners Monday to keep the lower speed limit. “Oh, I would love it,” said Don Scheffer.

“There are a lot of kids,” added Rebecca Stalbaum. “I mean, just on the quarter-mile from 200 to 250, there’s over 15 kids right there.” They said the 30-mile-per-hour speed limit has already made a noticeable difference.

County Attorney Kevin Tankersley explained that the change would have to be approved by both the board of commissioners and the county council. In any case, he plans to present them with an ordinance to lower the speed limit officially. If they want to make it permanent, they could just leave it in place once it’s approved, rather than changing it back later. “I mean, this doesn’t have a time limit on it,” Tankersley explained. “They could make a decision when they pass this to – well, they just would have to not revisit it, I guess.”

Highway Superintendent Terry Ruff had no objection to keeping the speed limit at 30 miles per hour. Neither did the commissioners. “We don’t mind,” said Commissioner Mike McClure, “and if they ever do want to change it again, they’ll just have to come back and change it again, for some reason.”

The request to permanently lower the speed limit on 1550 West will be considered by the council and commissioners during next Monday’s joint session.