Culver Town Council Amends Motion from Previous Meeting at Clerk-Treasurer’s Request

Culver Town Council members voted to amend a motion made in a previous meeting at the request of Clerk-Treasurer Karen Heim.

At Tuesday night’s town council meeting, Clerk-Treasurer Heim requested that the council members amend the motion made at an April meeting pertaining to the purchase of new radio-read water meters.

She explained that initially, council members approved Utility Superintendent Bob Porter’s request to purchase about 600 new water meters utilizing money from the State Revolving Fund. However, Heim shared that purchasing that amount of meters would result in some leftover funds.

“That’s not going to use up all the SRF funds so we’d still have balance in the SRF fund and we would kind of like to just use it all up and be done,” Heim went on to say, “so I’m asking to redo the motion and say to purchase as many meters as we can with the remaining SRF funds.”

Additionally, she asked them to include that if it is permissible, some of the SRF money could be utilized to pay the $6,400 charge for training, set-up and yearly maintenance. She noted that if it turns out that those funds cannot be utilized for that purpose, the money would come from the water/sewer fund.

Councilman Joel Samuelson made a motion to reflect Heim’s requests and it received unanimous council approval.