FEMA Crews Conducting Individual Assessments in Starke County Today

Starke County EMA Director J. Nier reports that FEMA crews are in the county today conducting individual assessments to determine whether or not individual financial assistance will be provided.

Nier previously shared that there was a technical issue with FEMA’s damage reporting app which resulted in the submissions from several counties going unrecorded. That led to many places not being included in FEMA’s list of counties to receive individual assistance damage caused during February’s floods.

Fortunately, the director had pictures and physical copies of damage reports that she was able to show officials to make the case that individual assistance is a necessity in the county.

Nier stated that while conducting damage assesments, she visited over 50 homes where owners reported damage. According to standards set out by FEMA, she found that 13 house were affected, 20 had minor damage and 22 houses had major damage.

FEMA crews are conducting their own damage assement today and Nier said she hopes to know whether the county will receive individual assistance at some point today. More information will be shared as it becomes available.